How Zelda: Breath of the Wild Stole E32016

     I have always said that one of the key indicators of great art, or in this case a video game, is the lasting effect that it has on you in the days and weeks following your exposure to it. It is no secret that Zelda: Breath of the Wild left a lasting impression with those that were lucky enough to experience the demo at E32016 last week. Articles, gameplay videos, fan reactions… you name it. All across the web, it’s obvious to see that this was the game that left so many of the attendees at the expo, wanting more. Nintendo has a hit on their hands, and boy do they know it. When every other conference or showcase was a vast display of deep catalogs, Nintendo kept their E32016 strategy to the format that they have come to be known for: The Nintendo Treehouse Event.

     But instead of new game announcements and console reveals that their counterparts stuck to, they decided to use their resources to show off one game, and one game only; Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s incredible to think that out of the amazing E3 that we were given this year, boasting titles of God of WarBattlefield1, & Gears of War 4, Zelda not only held its weight in the social media ring, but managed to outshine basically every announcement, game or hardware related, since the moment we first laid our eyes on the announcement trailer. 

     From reveals like voice acting for the first time in a Zelda game, to showing off the openness of the world, Breath of the Wild is giving not only Nintendo fans, but the entire Gaming Community a whole lot to be excited for. From the walkthrough that was narrated by the creator of the game himself, they demonstrated that right from the get go of the game you are sent into a world that feels both familiar and incredibly new. Picking apples, climbing walls and trees, and even the ability to go in any direction that you really desire. This is the Zelda that fans have been clamoring for, for a long time. If it’s one thing that Nintendo proved at E32016, it’s that you need to stick to what you know and give the fans what they want. That they did.

      Now for everyone throwing soda cans at their computer screen right now saying that PlayStation/Microsoft/Ubisoft/etc. had the best show- go check out my E32016 report card in which I named Sony the victor. However, as I prefaced before, what has stayed with most gamers since the show and what is everyone still talking about. While you will find huge discussions on God of War, Dishonored 2, & Sea of Thieves, the one game that continues to build hype and will be the highlight memory of E32016 for most- including myself- is the moment I fell in love with Zelda once more. 

Now… excuse me while I go wipe off what appears to be an inch of dust from my WiiU.

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