The Nintendo Switch Announced

      The Nintendo Switch has officially been revealed in the form of a teaser trailer this morning, and has confirmed months of speculation on a handheld/console hybrid. Previously known simply as the “Nintendo NX”, rumors have been circulating for a while about the ability to take full-scale console gaming on the go with titles like the highly anticipated Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Smash Bros. While much is still yet to be released, such as the price point, launch games, and of course the actual launch date, Nintendo did end the trailer with the promise of a March 2017 release.   

      While the reveal trailer did not give us a whole lot of new information that hadn’t already been speculated, it did confirm several specs about the forthcoming platform of which we had only seen patent concept work. Features such as the detachable controllers that could be used jointly in single player gaming, or shared amongst two individuals for split screen gaming, all while sitting on the couch at home or on the move. The video also confirmed the pending rumors of Nintendo’s transition out of disc-based gaming for this iteration and move back to cartridges similar to the 3ds. Whether you have the device docked to display the screen on your TV, or on the move with the device un-docked and wireless controllers attached, they are promising enough power to support console gaming where ever you are. 

      In addition to Breath of the Wild footage, they also showed off small pieces of a new 3D Mario game, NBA 2K17, and Skyrim: Definitive Edition running on the hardware. With as much info as we do not yet know, it can only be expected that Nintendo will hold some kind of a Nintendo Direct in the coming weeks to give us more information on the forthcoming platform to give us more details. 

What do you think of the reveal? Is it everything you wanted, or are you still on the fence? What do you think the price point will be, and what launch titles would you like to see for it? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I am thinking the nintendo Switch will cost 400 dollars. I would love to have anything new as a launch title. I also personally think the Nintendo Switch is going to let a lot of people down. It is going to have less than 3 hour battery life, really subpar looking games in mobile mode, I also think it isn’t going to work anything like what we see in the trailer.

  2. I also have a theory about the game cards, they’ll be tied to ones account and that person will be able to download as many games that person bought from their respective account. I do not think any developer/publisher wants to buy game cards to put games on. Nintendo will sell game cards separately.

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