5 Tips for Beginners of No Man’s Sky

     There is no way to over exaggerate just how big No Man’s Sky actually is, when they told us 18 quintillion planets- they weren’t joking and that wasn’t hyperbole. So for the individual that is just picking up their copy, the idea of getting dropped into the middle of all of this can seem incredibly daunting. Lucky for you, the crew here at the HUD wanted to set you up for success with some helpful tips on how to get you off on the right foot. So whether you haven’t started the game and looking to dive in, or someone that’s already begun but wants to get a better grasp of the conventions- here are 5 pro tips to make sure you are master of the universe in no time. 

1.) Learn what Elements are Associated with which Plant/Rock

While inevitable someone is reading this first tip and saying, “You’ve got to be joking me”- no I’m really not, your survival depends on it. Personally, science has never been my strong suit, however after nearly 20 hours of element hunting, I am comfortable to say I know exactly what I am looking for when I touch a worlds surface. Even though every world will look and feel different, for the most part rocks and plants will look similar or often the same that produces a particular type of element. For example, low on Plutonium? Scour the land for the spike red rocks. Seriously, the quicker you learn this, the more time you will save yourself walking up to random stuff seeing what it produces.

2.) Don’t Take Decisions Lightly

There are going to be many moments in the universe of No Man’s Sky that you find yourself faced with options in dialogue, whether it be something pertaining to the story or on a side quest. When asked to make a decision, make sure you weigh all the odds and think about what you know whether it pertains to a race of aliens that you have learned about leading up to it, or what generally what kind of a character you want to represent in the universe. Once you have made that decision- there is no going back, no do overs, nada- you decision is final and you have to live with the consequences. On multiple occasions I have stumbled upon a treasure or terminal that promises secrets, but upon my failure to answer the question correctly, the opportunity closes forever. 

3.) Upgrade Your Inventory Space Often

Nobody likes playing the “every time I pick up an item, I have to delete an item” game, so don’t. One of the main ways that you are going to make money in No Man’s Sky is going to directly tie to the resources you can carry with you, and if you don’t have room to carry a lot, you will eventually find yourself making unnecessary trips across the galaxy to pawn them off. The easiest way to upgrade your inventory slots is by hacking Signal Scanners (objects that shoot a beam of light into the air), and opting to find a Shelter. This normally brings you to a drop pod, in which you will find your upgrade. *Remember, this will cost you a fee that continually gets more expensive with each time you upgrade.

4.) How to Make Money

Although it can be time consuming at times, depending on how upgraded your multi tool is, scoping the planets surface for massive gold looking boulders is going to be you safest bet. I have seen people randomly selling common material trying to make a few thousand on a transaction, instead when you land on a planet and it gives you an overview, look to see if the planet is rich in resources. Now all you have to do is fly around, look for gold boulders, and cash in at your nearest space station. This will allow you to buy upgrades to your inventory, as well as better ships. While this seems like common sense, you’d be surprised at how often I have had people ask how to make more money in this game.

5.) Relax, and Don’t Stress It

No Man’s Sky is a massive game, and in the first moments of the game when you are dropped onto a planet then told to go figure it out- it can be incredibly overwhelming. While there are going to be moments that you may want to walk away, just remember that the game is made of a few simple conventions: Discover, Gather Resources, Sell & Upgrade,  and Combat. The specifics are going to seem alien to you at first (oh yes I did!), but the more time you spend with it, you will find the pattern and learn to explore the galaxy with a smile on your face. This game is meant to be many things, frustrating is not one of them- so don’t let it.

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