The HUD Crew


Who We Are…

The Gamer HUD is the collective vision from a group of Gamers with big dreams. We all have strong but differing opinions, and always come back to how much we love games. This site is 4GamersByGamers, giving you insight to gaming news, discussions, and rumors. Welcome to the “HUD Crew”.


Cole Del

The first game I ever played was Street Fighter for the NES/Famicom. Since that time, I knew that I would always have a passion about video games. Through the years some of my all time favorites have been Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Kingdom Hearts, and The Last of Us. I am a full time student, but never getting in the way of what I love most: my passion for games.


Joe F.

The first console I owned was The Playstation, which was the birth place for my love/obsession with video games. Ever since then, I have been continuously enjoying video games throughout the years and excited for what the future holds. Outside of games, I am an avid music fan of all genres and follower of podcasts. I enjoy long walks on the beach, but only if we can play video games afterward. 


Ashton H.

While the NES was both my first console and my gateway into video games, I credit The Secret of Monkey Island as the title that solidified my passion for them. I’ve been a story-driven gamer ever since and mostly a platform agnostic. I jumped ship from Nintendo to Sega with the Genesis, and I remained a shameless fanboy until the death of the Dreamcast a decade later. Today, I’ve got a degree in English, a wife, and three beautiful girls. Time is tighter than ever, and the fact that I never fell out of love with narrative-heavy (both emergent and scripted) games means that my backlog is growing almost by the day. Some of my all-time favorites include the Quest for Glory series, Metal Gear Solid (MGS3 FTW, Cole!), Morrowind, Overwatch, and The Witcher 3.


Joey I.

The first game I ever played was Need for Speed Most Wanted. So you could say that I’m still pretty new in the video game realm. Between work and two kids, it has been hard finding the time to play video games over the years. However, when Destiny came out, of course I sunk nearly 500 hours into it. I sit behind the scene and produce all ‘Heads Up Display’ podcasts & Let’s Plays.