Things I Wish I Knew When First Playing Overwatch

Overwatch has been doing a good job of occupying my time. Whether it’s the variety the game provides with its colorful cast of characters, or the thrill of opening a loot box; the game has me hooked. If you’re first starting out or just needing that extra edge, here are a few tips I wish I knew when I first started out in Overwatch.

Play as Every Character at Least Once.

First off, I recommend playing at least one match with each character. By doing this, you will naturally familiarize yourself with each character’s abilities, movement and their ultimate. Exposing yourself to each character’s play style will also teach you how to compliment others on a team, or exploit weaknesses in enemy characters. This leads to my next tip…

Find at Least One Favorite in Every Category of Character.

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Overwatch’s characters are broken down into class categories: Offensive, Defensive, Tank, and Support. Find at least one favorite in each category and practice with them. This will allow you to fill out your teams needs, without being at a disadvantage by learning a new character. You will always have a fall back character to switch into mid game; giving the opposing team a different look, or providing your team with that key support character they needed to make a push for the objective.

Winning Objectives is Top Priority.

Speaking of objectives, they are top priority in Overwatch. While focusing on kills is helpful in some games, you should think of kills as more of a byproduct of taking objectives. Everything in Overwatch rewards playing for objectives rather than kills, so prioritize your play accordingly. Don’t sell out an objective to rack up kills. That is an easy way to lose quickly.

Focus on Healers First.

This tip is meant in two ways. First, learning support characters first is the easiest way to learn Overwatch, as it allows you to contribute to your team’s success, at the same time allowing you to hang back and allow more experienced teammates to neutralize the opposing team. The second way you should focus on healers first is in battle. If you are caught in a shootout with a healer and another character, focus on the healer first to increase your chances of survival. Healers can turn most characters into bullet sponges, so kill them first to combat enemies more effectively.

Certain Characters are Meant for Certain Match Types.

Overwatch allows for flexibility as you could play most of the characters in any situation, but you will find some characters excel in particular match types. Turret characters like Bastion, Torbjorn and Symmetra do wonders on defense and are not as effective when attacking objectives. Tank characters are used to push up on objectives and hold down areas, but are mostly ineffective long range. Take each character’s play style, the level design and the objective into consideration to find the strongest team compositions in any given moment.

 Communicate as Much as Possible.

Communication in Overwatch can be the difference in matches. A whole game can be turned around in an instant by coordinating assaults or syncing up ultimate abilities. Calling out enemy positions or simply letting your team know your plans will improve your teamwork and increase your chances of winning dramatically.

Unique Options for Characters

Once you have found some favorite characters, make sure to check out the unique options menu for those characters. You can tweak specific settings for your favorite characters to suit your play style such as auto wall-running for Genji or toggling heals/buffs for Mercy. Be sure to take advantage of these settings as they could help in your quality of play.

Buying Loot Boxes is a Slippery Slope.

Just don’t. Or do. Just don’t ask me how to stop. Please. Help me.