The Quest Log: May 2, 2017

Hey Gamers! Welcome back to the Quest Log. A lot’s happened since we last checked in, so take a look at the news highlights below.

Switch Consoles Shipped by Plane to Meet Demand

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Nintendo paid for premium shipping this past March in order to meet the higher-than-expected demand for their Switch console. While most imported electronics (i.e., virtually ALL electronics) are carried via literal ships, Nintendo cut into their profits in order to put an undisclosed number of units on planes and get the units stateside as quickly as possible. In the article, Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda explains that airfreight could easily cost “an additional ¥5,000 per unit,” or roughly $45 USD. Considering the cost of the Switch, that’s a lot of money for Nintendo to pony up, but Yasuda goes on to explain just how vital it was to Nintendo that they moved as many units in its first month as possible.

Details Revealed for Breath of the Wild’s First DLC Pack

Nintendo have finally revealed the details of their first planned expansion pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Earlier this year, they broke with tradition when they announced a season pass for the then upcoming open-world adventure game and ambiguously teased only a handful of details about their two planned expansions packs. The first of these is set to launch this summer and will add a Hard Mode, in which enemies are generally higher-leveled and gradually regenerate health, a special Travel Medallion, a combat challenge mode, and a number of new, nostalgic armor sets. Did anyone feel that BOTW was sorely lacking a certain flamboyant man-elf? This one’s for you.

Check out the link below for the specifics.

Darksiders 3 Announced

The first Darksiders game following the late THQ’s closure introduces players to Fury, the third Horseman of the apocalypse (at least in the game’s pseudo-Biblical canon) and sister two the last two series protagonists. While we know relatively little about the game at this point, it’s nice to see that THQ Nordic haven’t allowed the Zelda-inspired action-adventure series to fall by the wayside. According to the trailer, we’ll see Darksiders 3 sometime next year.