The Quest Log: April 14, 2017

Hey Gamers, and happy Friday. The biggest news of the day is certainly that sweet new teaser trailer for Episode 8, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been plenty going on in the world of gaming. Speaking of Star Wars and news…

Battlefront II Trailer Leaks

While the trailer is supposed to hit the internet officially later today, we actually got our first look at the next entry in the storied Star Wars multiplayer shooter series earlier this week when a French version of the trailer found its way onto the web. Fans of the franchise and of the earlier games in the series who may have been disappointed with the last game just might have a renewed reason to look twice at Dice’s efforts here. The trailer shows off a singleplayer campaign in addition to playable heroes from the prequel trilogy and The Force Awakens.

Bayonetta Comes to PC

The (sexy, hairy) witch is back! The original Bayonetta, Platinum Games’ classic stylish action game, has finally come to PC with an official port now available on Steam. The release comes in the wake of a clever April Fool’s Day “joke” that we reported on last week. While it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a port of the Nintendo-published Bayonetta 2, it’s great that PC gamers are finally getting a chance to play the heavily Devil May Cry inspired series. Platinum Games have since gone on to say that they’d love to bring more of their games to the platform, but that it’s not really up to them.

Nintendo Kills the NES Classic

If you managed to get your hands on one of the uber-popular, diminutive game consoles, count yourself lucky because Nintendo has officially announced the death of the NES Classic Edition. The system, which came pre-packed with 30 classic NES titles, has been wildly successful since it launched last holiday season, and it seems it’s been next to impossible for retailers to keep them in stock. Even still–and for reasons currently unknown–Nintendo is discontinuing it, stating that it “wasn’t intended to be an ongoing, long-term product.” Remaining stocks will be shipped to retailers through April, and then that’s it.

Could Nintendo be paving the way for the virtual console’s return on the Switch? Do they just hate money? These are not easy questions to answer.

And in case you were wondering, the Japanese analogue, the Famicon Classic Edition, is also being discontinued, but just temporarily.