Overwatch’s Halloween Seasonal Event Starts Today

Details and images of Overwatch‘s second seasonal event have been trickling down from across the web over the last week or so, but no one was quite sure when we could expect to actually play it. Today, Blizzard officially confirmed the event, titled “Overwatch Halloween Terror,” not long after Overpwn.com leaked images of all the new skins available to heroes via the event’s seasonal loot boxes.

Like the Summer Games event that ran through August, “Halloween Terror” adds new skins, emotes, and hero animations to the game that can be unlocked via special loot boxes available only between now and November 1st. These boxes can be unlocked in-game or purchased for real money like normal, and anything unlocked during the event will remain a permanent part of players’ collections after it ends.

Unlike with the last seasonal event, the limited edition unlockables may also be purchased using the in-game currency, albeit at 300% the going rate for the standard ones.

The event also features a special brawl that pits four players in co-op against waves of AI zombie robots. Overwatch’s gameplay has always been limited to PVP before, so a PVE game mode should come as welcome and fun surprise to most.

The content update is included in the game’s latest patch, which also comes with the usual bug fixes and balance changes, and is available right freaking now.

I’m really crossing my fingers for that Mercy skin, but heaven help me: that Mei highlight intro is adorable!