The Quest Log: March 14, 2017

Happy Pi day, everyone, and welcome back to The Quest Log, where we cover the top highlights in gaming news.

Nintendo Releases Three-part Making of Zelda: BOTW Video Series

Today on their official YouTube channel, Nintendo released a three-part video series that takes viewers behind the scenes of the creation of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The videos include interviews, concept art, and a glimpse at features and locales that got left on the cutting-room floor.

For the First Time Ever, D&D Players are Getting an Official Digital Companion

Wizards of the Coast–the publisher of the quintessential tabletop RPG, Dungeons and Dragons–unveiled early this week their upcoming official companion app to the game, the first in its history. D&D Beyond will give users access to official content, allow them to create and manage “homebrew” content, and track character builds and progress. Interested tabletop fans can sign up for the beta test via the following:

Co-founder Leaves Kinda Funny

Colin Moriarty, co-founder of popular YouTube channel Kinda Funny, announced on Facebook page his immediate departure from the group. Moriarty, who previously worked for IGN, says he has other opportunities in the pipeline and that, “you haven’t seen or heard the last of me.” The move comes following an offensive Tweet Moriarty made on International Women’s Day.