The Quest Log: June 16, 2017

Well, E3 2017 is over, and the summer–gaming’s driest season–is in full swing. In our last update, we rounded up all of E3’s major press conferences, but there was a whole lotta news that slipped through the cracks while the gaming world’s eyes were fixed on the expo. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Konami Blacklisting Kojima and Former Employees

Brian Ashcraft with Kotaku reported earlier this week that Konami appeared to be blacklisting some of their former employees, including Hideo Kojima. The famed Metal Gear creator’s new studio, Kojima Productions, is having difficulty joining the Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association in order to provide health benefits to their employees, and Konami may be to blame. More than that, Konami has “allegedly told large game companies to be careful about hiring former Konami employees and Japanese TV stations to disregard them.” Yikes.

KOTOR and Mass Effect Writer on Board for Anthem

Drew Karpyshyn, the veteran BioWare writer who’s writing experience stretches all the way back to Neverwinter Nights, has confirmed that he’s working on Anthem, the impressive-looking multiplayer RPG-shooter that BioWare showed off at E3 earlier this week. Karpyshyn’s had a hand in developing some of the most well-loved sci-fi universes in gaming, so his involvement should come as a welcome surprise to fans.

Hitman Developers Regain Independence, Retain Hitman IP

Despite the critical and commercial success of the latest Hitman title, Square Enix announced earlier this year that they were seeking to sell IO Interactive, the development studio behind the Hitman series. Today, IO Interactive announced that they had secured their independence once more while maintaining control of the Hitman IP.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Isn’t in Development Yet, Bethesda Says

After a disappointing showing at this year’s E3, Bethesda have confirmed that the sequel to Skyrim is still a ways away. While the report is consistent with what Todd Howard has explained historically, open-world RPG fans were all but convinced they’d see a game announcement from Bethesda Softworks earlier this week. For the time being, we know only that Todd Howard has confirmed they’ve got two unannounced projects in the work ahead of TES6.

Rockstar Shut Down OpenIV, Kill GTA V Modding Scene

The PC port of Grand Theft Auto V has enjoyed long-lived success thanks in part to the game’s extensive modding community. On Wednesday, however, the lead developer of OpenIV, the game’s most popular single-player modding tool, announced that their team had decided to kill the project in response to an official Cease-and-Desist letter they had received from Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company. While OpenIV is still functional for users who already had it installed, the official download link now directs users to the official statement linked below.

The Quest Log: E3 2017 Conference Roundup

Nintendo’s conference wrapped up this morning, which means that nearly all of this year’s biggest surprises have already been unveiled. Let’s look back on the major reveals of the past few days.


EA unofficially kicked off E3 with their press conference, which they bumped up from their regular time slot to this past Saturday. It’s probably for the best that they had a whole day to themselves because there really wasn’t much to see. Lots of sports game talk; a teaser for BioWare’s new IP, Anthem, which didn’t get a proper trailer until Microsoft’s show the following day; and a bunch of Battlefront II footage made for a largely unsurprising show. There was one notable exception, however, in A Way Out, an upcoming co-op prison break game set in the 70s and developed by the crew behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.


Microsoft wasted zero time showing off Project Scorpio, now called the Xbox One X, and then immediately moved onto showcasing game after game after game after game after game. We heard the word 4k uttered more than a few dozen times, but we also got a handful of genuine surprises. Phil Spencer revealed that the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility was being expanded to include original Xbox titles, and the PC smash-hit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is due for its console premier later this year. Other highlights included Ori and the Will of the Wisps, The Last Night, and an all-new Crackdown 3 starring Terry Crews.


It’s a tough call on who had the less interesting show between EA and Bethesda, but at least the latter was relatively short and sweet. After showing off Doom and Fallout VR and the Switch port of Skyrim, we got our first look at the upcoming standalone DLC for Dishonored 2, TES Legends’ first expansion pack, and a gut-punch called the “Creation Club” for Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE. The Evil Within 2 is looking creepy. But the star of the show was definitely Wolfenstein 2 with a trailer that was totally bonkers.

Sorry Elder Scrolls fans, sounds like TES 6 won’t be here anytime soon.

PC Gaming Show

PC Gamer held their third annual PC Gaming Show, too, which doesn’t really seem to be having the kind of splash they might have hoped at the beginning. The show kicked off with a plug from Intel about their upcoming i9 CPU series before showing off a number of upcoming PC titles. The big surprise here was an announcement of Age of Empires: The Definitive Edition, an HD remake of the original RTS game in the same vein as the one we got for AoE 2.

I couldn’t find an official recording of the conference, but you can find most of it here:


Ubisoft had an exceptional showing this year with a number of interesting surprises. First off, who know that Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle might actually look fun? I, for one, was blindsided to learn that it was an XCOM-style combat strategy game. They also showed off a brand new IP: Skull and Bones, a pirate-themed naval combat game based on the popular system from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. We also got to see more of Far Cry 5 and Assassins Creed: Origins. That wasn’t all, though, Ubisoft went out with a bang by showing us a new trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2, which I think all of us had assumed was vaporware by now.


Sony spent even less time on stage talking about their games and showed a nearly non-stop sequence of game trailers. It literally felt almost like a really long sizzle reel, but there was plenty of meaty content to be found in it.

We got to see some Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and God of War, and there was a surprising trailer for Shadow of the Colossus a remake of (sequel to?) the PS2 classic. Naturally Call of Duty was in full force, and we also got a new story trailer for Destiny 2. We saw the first of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s upcoming DLC, and the show wrapped up with some gameplay footage of Spider-Man, which looks like web-slinging fun.


Nintendo came outta nowhere and hit hard. Metroid Prime 4 is officially in development, as is a “core” RPG Pokémon game. Mario Odyssey looks delightful with its body-snatching hat shenanigans. And the new Yoshi game looks delightfully charming. Oh, and Rocket League’s coming to the Switch with cross-network support, which is something we simply wouldn’t have heard of only a few years ago.