Will You Buy the PlayStation 4 Pro?

     It has been exactly one week (at the time of me writing this) since the announcement of the PlayStation 4 Pro and new slimmer model of the standard PS4, and now that I have had ample time to analyze the conference, I still have a hard time understanding why? While I can wrap my head around the fact that Sony is attempting to future proof their product, which is now sitting at a staggering 40+ million sold into the market, I simply can’t grasp the focus on their messaging around the Pro. 

      Now, I understand that the past week has been a rather tough one for Sony. After The Last Guardian delay, bad PR from their halt on mods for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Editions, and a rather underwhelming conference to show off the forthcoming consoles, picking on a couple poor decisions on Sonys part has been a popular topic over the last few days. To make myself abundantly clear: this is not my intent, nor the purpose of this article. 

…if graphical fidelity is as big of a concern as 1st parties are trying to make it nowadays, then why don’t we just all jump to PC…

     In the past days I have discussed this topic at length with other columnists as well as a featured topic on The Heads Up Display podcast, and to this point, no one can seem to give me a solid reason as to the reasoning behind the PlayStation 4 Pro. Or at least Sony’s messaging behind the product. I have played every console exclusive as well as the majority of 3rd party titles on my launch day PS4, and at no point thus far have I ever said to myself, “man this game does not look good”. Now for those of you screaming at your monitor, “then don’t buy it and stop complaining”, I simply pose this question: if graphical fidelity is as big of a concern as 1st parties are trying to make it nowadays, then why don’t we just all jump to PC where Ultra settings reign supreme?

    During the conference I found myself dying for information on how the PlayStation 4 Pro could improve the games themselves, not just how awesome they look on my 4K TV. Instead of Mark Cerny spending an ample amount of time showing me differentiating pictures via a twitch stream that isn’t even hosted at 4K quality anyway, let him talk about how the power of the Pro can fundamentally change the way games play. Show us how they are now able to fill the emptiness in the vast universe of No Man’s Sky with the increased GPU, how they can improve framerates and overall quality for the forthcoming PSVR, or how the upcoming Day’s Gone gameplay becomes all the more hectic when they are able to fill the screen with that many more ‘Freakers’. These are the facts and specs that will sell the Pro to the hesitant consumer such as myself. Now after all this, the 4K specs and HDR capability is just icing on the cake

     Now I present you with this question, Sony: if your aim with the Pro (which Cerny has confirmed in other interviews) is to go after the gamer that is more concerned with graphical fidelity, and more often than not later finds themselves on PC, won’t these players be more likely to wait for the Scorpio- which is already promising to be more powerful in virtually every way? You cannot win on graphical power alone, and this is why you must focus on how the Pro makes your (already) incredible games, that much better. 

     Enough from me, because those of us at The HUD wants to hear your opinion on the matter. Has Sony sold you on the PlayStation 4 Pro, and if yes then why? Or have they slipped up on this one and you are still unsure? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I left a comment on why I am buying the ps4 pro on the podcast page, so I won’t repeat. I just want to say if my math work is correct. The Scorpio is only 50% stronger than the ps4 pro. The time I check that was the power difference the ps4 and xbox one. To me ps4 and xbox one games look almost the same. I highly doubt Scorpio games are going to blow away ps4 pro games in the graphics department.

  2. I should clear up my comment. I am saying the power difference between the ps4 pro and xbox Scorpio is 50%. That is the same power difference between ps4 and xbox one, with the ps4 being 50% more powerful than the Xbox one. Also that is about the same power difference as the ps3 over the Xbox 360. My point is the 3rd party games don’t really look all that different from each other on their respective platforms. I do agree with your opinion Cole, just that I personally think games hit their innovative limits when the Nintendo 64 came out. Now all there is, is just make the game look better and throw in some multiplayer. I am not at all trying to be a dick. Hahaha

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