The Xbox E3 Briefing is Complete; Your Move Sony

Well then, if you had the ability to watch the Microsoft E32016 briefing, I don’t think I need to tell you that they did very well. For those of you that missed it, or are waiting to catch the highlights later tonight then let’s just say that they made good use of all 90 minutes of their time slot. New console announcements, game beta’s, first time seen footage, exclusive 1st party lineups… the list goes on. If there is one conference that you should definitely watch from start to finish, it would be this one. Now the question that remains, and most in the gaming community is asking: How does Sony respond?

Microsoft did a solid job of keeping their showcase rolling from one game announcement or clip, to the next, with very little interruption from a random “Believe in the Product” speech. Regardless of whether you are a Sony Fanboy or find yourself in the Xbox corner, you have to admit that Xbox gave the gamer several reasons why their console is a great place to be this year, and in the year to come. So as Sony takes the stage tonight and Andrew House or Shuhei Yoshida open their conference, the thing that I want to remind them is that this is not the same Xbox that they trounced a few E3’s ago during the console announcement. I have every ounce of faith that Sony will come out and deliver a solid showcase, but do not take the 20 million gap between the xbox competitor for granted. 

Sony has already confirmed that they will not be talking about the PS4k tonight, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take a similar approach in announcing a slim version of the PS4 and foreshadow an imminent console upgrade, the same way that Microsoft did. Think about it, Microsoft made a “Console Sandwich” out of their press conference. Xbox One Slim announcement at the beginning, an hour + of games-games-games, then ended with a 2 minute video of Project Scorpio. No image of the new console was shown, vague specs, and a strong message that the current model will not be phased out by this new iteration. Sony can and should do the same; keep it vague but push the message that the PS4 is here to stay.

Last year, Sony had an excellent showcase boasting titles of Final Fantasy 7 remaster, Shenmue 3, and of course (the soon to become mythological) The Last Guardian. So I know that Sony has every opportunity this year to make another solid showing. However, I think we are going to spend a lot of time looking at these games once again… Which is not a bad thing, but we need to see what the console has coming on the back end of this year since Horizon: Zero Dawn was pushed to Q1 of 2017. Why should we be excited right now?

What are your thoughts, and what do you think Sony could announce that would dominate the press conference? A The Last of Us 2 teaser? A cheaper console price and No Mans Sky PSVR integration? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!  

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