XboxOneS Revealed: How will Sony Respond?

With the leak of the XboxOneS this morning, I can’t help but wonder what Sony’s response be during their E32016 Showcase be? In the previous days, Andrew House confirmed the existence of the Playstation Neo aka the PS4K, however emphasized that the new console iteration will not debut at E3. One can only assume that this means they will have a separate reveal event for the forthcoming console, but in the mean time how do they compete in their press conference when this XboxOneS news is imminent. It doesn’t matter how you swing it or what will be present at their conference, the lasting though with the community and their fanbase will be what wasn’t. 

Since Phil Spencer took the head of Xbox job some years back now, they have course corrected the landscape and focus of the current console and have only done better. Fall lineups filled with games, player feedback taken to heart, and more of what the community wanted in the first place since the dreaded console reveal of the XboxOne. It seems to me that Phil is taking advantage of the opportunity and going to try and take back some ground on the Sony Console, that is some 20 million units in the lead now. 

Since the introduction of the latest generation of consoles, the community has been voicing their concerns for 4K streaming and of course more memory storage- if the details are true ( which they most certainly are) then XboxOneS will take advantage of a 2 TB memory, 4k Streaming, and 40% smaller than the current model. Not that it could get any bigger *wink*. With the right price point, this could be the move that helps get Microsoft back in the competition. 

My question at the end of the day is this: What does Sony have up its sleeve, and will it make enough noise? Don’t get me wrong, I am begging for a release day on The Last Guardian as much as the next person; but if they think that they can use that as their big reveal and walk out having “Stolen the Show”, then they are sorely mistaken. So far this generation, it seems that Sony could do no wrong. They stole the hearts of the console community with the PS4 announcement and have delivered a great product with for a great price (I won’t dip into lack of 1st part content and game delays…We will save that for another day). To keep the momentum, Sony is going to need to come out guns blazing with no low points. In my eyes, keep it Games Centric, don’t overdo it with the VR stuff, and give the gamers a reason to believe that the console sitting on their shelf is not going to become irrelevant in a years time. 

I want to see Sony succeed, and I know they can. However Xbox is doing everything right as of now: fantastic exclusive lineups, 3rd part and Indie support, and an upcoming console that is exactly what the community has been clamoring for. So…What’s your move Sony?

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