Why the ‘No Man’s Sky’ Delay is a good thing

Hellogames managing director and spokesman, Sean Murray, has revealed that the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky has been delayed. No this will not be news to many of you, being that this was announced a little over a bit ago. What may actually surprise you though, is the barrage of threats and hatred that the studio and Sean Murray has since then received. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I will not act as though the news of this didn’t disappoint me, nor will I act as though I did not express outward frustration at yet another Playstation Exclusive being delayed. This is a much larger issue, that No Man’s Sky has the unfortunate timing of being the game that nearly does it in for me. This topic will be a rant for another day.

No regardless of whether you are on the verge of punching through a wall, or not really partial one way or another, you have to understand that Hellogames is taking on one of the most ambitious projects we have ever seen. This is coming from a studio who’s last game was Joe Danger 2: The Movie, now this is no knock on the studio in anyway. I loved that game. But to go from Joe Danger, to the promise of entire galaxies, space travel, life generation, etc…. I think you are getting my point here. It’s a BIG feat to take on for a team of 15 individuals. Please, let that loft over you for a moment. Just to give you context, the team that gave you The Witcher 3, CD Project, is made up of about 250. 

In Sean’s message on news of the delay he stated, “For all our sakes though, we get one shot to make this game and we can’t mess it up” on the PlayStation Blog. He understands the gravity of this decision, but he also understands what is at stake. If Sean says that they need time to accomplish their vision of the game, then give them time. In the end, you have to wait a few weeks. So what? Because if they succeed in delivering on even half of their promises, this is going to be one of the most memorable games to grace a home console. If it will deliver, we will have to wait till August 9th to find out. Personally, I air on the side of caution; they have a big order to fulfill. But if they need a few weeks more to get it completed, then by all means, take your time. I will be here waiting, downing in a backlog of games I need to play, just to get lost in the universe you have created. 

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