The Quest Log: July 12, 2017

Hello, Hudlems! It’s hump day already, which just is blowing my mind. How has your week been so far? With the release of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, I hope it’s better than typical for at least some of you. Just know that, as I don’t yet have a PS4, I’m green with envy for everyone who’s getting to replay one of my favorite entries in the series. But that’s not really why you’re here, is it? Let’s look at what’s in the news!

Steam bans more than 40,000 accounts following its summer sale

PC Gamer is reporting that Steam has banned over 40,000 accounts targeted by the Valve Anti-cheat software, the “biggest single-day ban wave in the history of Steam.” The ban comes just one day after the end of the Steam summer sale. As PC Gamer explains, the timing of the ban is almost certainly intentional in order to maximize the cost for those banned users to re-build their libraries under new accounts. To lend some perspective on just how financially damaging a permanent Steam ban can be to CS:GO players, PC Gamer offers that “the total value of the CS:GO weapon skins lost as a result of these bans was nearly $9,600.” That’s a heavy price to pay for cheating.

Summer Games Done Quick has wrapped up and raised over $1.7 million for charity

The semiannual speedrun marathon’s summer event just wrapped up this past week and raised a whopping $1,760,360 for Doctors Without Borders, a Nobel Prize-winning charitable organization that provides medical and humanitarian aid to over 70 nations afflicted by violence, war, and other nasty stuff. The figure is nearly half a million dollars greater than what was raised in the same event last year and serves as an awesome demonstration of not only the skill of the event’s players but the generosity of its community.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age ditches the Sky Pirate’s Den

Okay, this isn’t the typical type of highlight I’d include here on the Quest Log, but because of my own biases, I just have to report it.

Final Fantasy XII has been one of the most wonderful and underrated titles in the series, and I’m thrilled that new and old fans alike are going to finally be able to give the game its due. Unfortunately, it seems that newcomers to its HD remaster, The Zodiac Age, will never know one of the original’s most delightful inclusions: the Sky Pirate’s Den.

Pictured above, the Den was a relic of an era before system-wide achievements. An animated sticker book of sorts that filled up as you progress, the Den offered the player a number of challenges that, when completed, unlocked new, cutesy sprites of the game’s characters and monsters. Completing the Den was necessary to reach the highest ranks of the game’s Hunter’s Guild, and it was downright fun. Since the PS4 has its own achievement system, however, it would appear that Square Enix eschewed the Den in favor of trophies.


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