The Quest Log: March 30, 2017

Welcome back to The Quest Log, gamers! I hope there are some Guardians among you, because Destiny 2’s still dominating the headlines this week. That’s not all that’s happening, though. As always, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest gaming news highlights below. Enjoy!

Destiny 2 Pre-orders Are Live, PC Release Confirmed

Just this past Monday we learned that Destiny 2 was officially a thing. Since then, we’ve gotten not one, but two (brief) trailers. The first, a delightful teaser featuring Cayde 6 front-and-center, gave us a glimpse at a burning Tower and Last City, implying that the Cabal were at the heart of the threat. The second launched today, and while it still doesn’t show off any actual gameplay, it does promise “a ton of loot.” Pre-orders are live, and, as expected, the game has been confirmed for a PC release.

Thimbleweed Park Launches Today

I won’t make a habit of including game launches in news, but Thimbleweed Park is one that’s mostly slipped under our radar before. A point-and-click adventure game, heavily inspired by classic Lucas Film Games (later, LucasArts), from none other than the man who created Monkey Island himself. Thimbleweed Park promises plenty of humor and puzzles, and I can’t wait to sit down with it.

Battlefield 1 Will Allow “Premium” Users to Share DLC Maps with Friends

As has largely become the norm, Battlefield 1 offers an optional “premium” (i.e., season) pass that grants players access to all of the upcoming multiplayer maps as they’re released. Since the days of Halo 2, paywall-restricted maps have caused a divide in multiplayer shooter communities. Some players have them, some don’t. EA thinks they’ve found a workaround, though, and they call it “Premium Friends.” The gist of it is that if you party up with someone who owns the Premium Pass, you can play along with them on any and all of the maps. Hit the link up below for more details.

Club Penguin Finally Says Goodbye

Club Penguin, the kid-friendly MMO that initially launched in 2005, was never my jam. I was way too old for the game by the time it came out, but I know there are plenty of gamers today for whom the name is bound to kick up some nostalgic dust (metaphorical dust, to be clear). Today, after months of warning and the fateful flipping of the game’s iconic iceberg, the game closed down for good. In its wake, Disney are pushing a mobile-only game called Club Penguin Island.

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