First Impressions: Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion

     Upon learning of Bungie’s final push of Destiny vanilla before focusing on the impending sequel, to be completely honest with you, I really didn’t give it much thought. Not that I have anything against Destiny, on the contrary actually. After more than 600+ hours logged across the original all the way through to last fall’s Taken King expansion I was ready to take a break. Many key components of the original had grown tired; the beloved Gjallahorn was no longer a rare commodity, and it seemed as though each “new” update was another reason to fight the same enemy type since the Dark Below in an all too familiar environment. Basically, I was ready for a change. It wasn’t until after the chatter of the gameplay reveal for Rise of Iron that I began to pay attention, and upon learning that Bungie was taking a different approach to enemies, armor and weapon look, and most importantly storyline, that I found myself ready to visit the Tower one last time. 

     To preface, if you weren’t a fan of the original Destiny “formula”, there is nothing in Rise of Iron that is going to change your mind. However, if you found yourself in a similar boat of exhaustion like myself, you have a lot to look forward too. New strike missions, raid, armor and weapons, and of course a new story line give you plenty to keep you busy for weeks to come. 

      Now to clarify, I have spent about 10 hours into the expansion thus far, and will later give a full review and write-up some time next week after I get to experience the raid, as well as the rest of the end game content. Thus far, I have finished the storyline, multiple strikes, messed around with some of the new crucible match types, and even accomplished the quest line for the shiny new Gjallahorn (now in black). I can safely say that this is far and away my favorite expansion to date, and if it is any indicator of the direction that Destiny 2 will take then we all have a lot to be excited about. One fact that is abundantly clear from this update, is that Bungie is listening to the community and delivering in spades. From little easter eggs like hidden areas in the new Iron Temple, to the return (arguably) of the Gjallahorn, I have found myself smiling with every new discovery- which is often. 

    While we are still a few days out from the new Raid becoming available, modifications to Strikes with a new treasure system will keep you busy and help prepare you to meet the required light level. If you are a PvP kind of player, crucible play has been given map and match type updates offering the all new Supremacy mode. If you are a solo player, all new cut scenes, deep lore about Iron Lords, and exotic quest lines give you plenty to keep you busy. Basically, my time so far with Rise of Iron has been great, but I will need many more hours of play time to see how it pans out over time. If you are on the fence or waiting for a final verdict, be sure to check back in the days to come for the final review. 

      Now back to Plaguelands to find more loot… 

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