Can the ‘Nintendo NX’ Keep Up With Neo & Scorpio?

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     Winter is coming friends… With the fallout finally clearing from the E32016 conference, we have a mostly clear vision of what the console market has in store for us as gamers. From the not-officially-announced-but-everyone-keeps-talking-about-it PSneo from Sony, to the busy 18 month period Microsoft has in store in launch not one but two consoles: Xbox One S & Project Scorpio. If it were not for the incredible showing that Zelda:Breath of the Wild gave us, most people would call that list complete and move on. However, we still have the forthcoming announcement of the Nintendo NX expected to launch March of 2017. With the official reveal imminent, one can only wonder if Nintendo still has what it takes to remain competitive in a market that seems so overwhelmed with Sony Microsoft products. After all if it is one thing that the WiiU taught us, it is that this is not the Nintendo of old.

     While there is still a ton that we don’t know about the NX, there are a few small facts that we do know. Late last year there were reports going around saying that the upcoming console will boast “industry leading chips” that should rival the power of current generation technology. However, this is was in reference to the PS4 Xbox One, not the upcoming Neo and Scorpio. If it is one thing that has been true about Nintendo platforms since the days of the N64, it is that they have trailed behind their competitors in platform capability and power. While they have found success in obvious ones like the original Wii, in today’s market where everyone is now looking at quicker platform iteration turnover just to keep up with changing technology, I can only hope that Nintendo sees similar success. 

     The WiiU was a clear indicator that Nintendo has to offer a system that appeals to not only the consumer, but to the 3rd party developers as well- without this, they will fail. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore the consoles that Nintendo has given us and I have owned a WiiU since day one (although it is definitely covered in an inch of dust right now). Before you take this as a Nintendo bash, I just merely want to see the publisher succeed. I grew up on their systems and developed friendships with most of the characters in their robust library of titles. The thing that I want to stress is that Nintendo cannot expect or afford to come out and have another half baked system launch with no 3rd party support. Nintendo is wealthy, but money does not last forever and businesses have overhead, they need to succeed with this upcoming console.

     Now I want to pass the question to you, the reader. What do you think it would take to win over the gaming community and court the 3rd parties once more? Are you already planning on buying the console? Or have you moved on from the platform, just waiting for their software to arrive on other consoles one day? Let me know in the comments below.

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