Playstation NEO & Why Sony Needs to Address it

Sony’s very own Andrew House has finally addressed the elephant in the room, the forthcoming PS4k… sort of. Speaking with Financial Times, House confirmed the long rumored consoles existence. However, when questioned on official reveal date and cost he remained vague. 

E3 2016 will not be the stage they reveal the latest iteration, House confirmed, so one can only assume that they want a more controlled approach that the console reveal by hosting their own event. We will see if that pays off.

At this point my biggest problem with Sony’s approach at the NEO, is not that it exists; but rather the lack of information they are willing to convey to their fan base. The current PS4 console is sitting around 40 million in sales the last  time Sony revealed numbers, so at this point they are obviously not exploring new iterations for lack of console movement. However, if Sony continues to remain silent on specifications, we could definitely see a slowing  in sales due to the possibility of a “better version” being imminent. It creates confusion and hesitation for potential buyers. 

Now to clarify, I will be one of those people that buy this console day 1. I would love the possibility to utilize my TV for better picture quality. The reason for my concern is Sony see’s the confusion in the market with these rumors, now confirmed, and still sits on their hands and lets it build. Sony has done an incredible job this console cycle, in communicating to their fan base and make the PS4 an amazing place to play. I don’t want to see this trend lose steam now.

But what do you think? Is the lack of specifics driving your crazy, or could you care less? Let me know in the comments below.

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