Is it too Soon for Upgraded Consoles?

It’s time that we face the fact right out of the gate in this discussion, we are going to get new console iterations very soon. Sony has all but confirmed the Playstation Neo’s existence, and not to be outdone, Microsoft has reportedly been working on new modifications to the XboxOne as well. Now before many of you start throwing rocks and saying “Hey, I enjoyed my Playstation Slim” or “I needed that Xbox with the wireless adapter built in!” I want to remind you, this is not merely a look revision. The change that is being speculated at this point would enhance game playability. Why does this matter and what is the difference?

It matters because the console that you bought day 1 less than 3 years ago is about to become outdated for a model that plays games better with enhanced graphical fidelity. Now I want to be clear, I am still on the fence with this subject. So far, up to this point, Sony has done everything right with the PS4, so before I start jumping to conclusions I want to see how they pitch this. I am only saying at this point, they are going to have a difficult time in making the early adopter not feel burned by introducing a price comparable unit that now plays their same games, but better. 

I want to hear your opinion. Is it too soon to need to upgrade your console? If you were an early adopter of either platform, how do you look at this move? Will you double down and re-up, or do you hold on to your buck for the next iteration. Let’s hear it, now sound off in the comments below.

2 Replies to “Is it too Soon for Upgraded Consoles?”

  1. Personally, with the advancements from the original Playstation unit, to PS 2, 3 and now 4, the move may seem a bit too early to make if you currently hold the most recent version. I can’t specifically speak for Xbox users but I still feel pretty comfortable with the 4’s performance thus far. Having multiple issues with previous Xbox 360, moving to Playstation full time before the emergence of the Xbox One couldn’t have worked out better for me. Depending on the actual release dates, I won’t be making the move until issues arise or another year or two pass. But I still find myself awaiting the specific enhancements before I truly make my decision. Nice article, Cole!

    1. Thanks Brent, couldn’t agree with you more. So far this console generation has been great, and I haven’t really been given a reason to feel the need to go out and purchase something else. Although it is still too early to truly understand what they are offering, it will probably be a year or two until I see the need to invest in a new iteration.

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