Is Final Fantasy 15 the game you want?

It’s been a decade since the development of Final Fantasy 13 Versus, now renamed Final Fantasy 15, had originally been announced as a PS3 exclusive. A lot of time has passed, and a lot has changed for the game. Proving to be the first real step into the “open world” space, it is also looking to be the most ambitious. 

New combat systems, deep story lines with movies and anime, free demos, flying cars, and the list just goes on and on. Square Enix has a lot of skin in the game now. Will it pay off? For me, I have never been this excited to get my hands on a game in this franchise. Now to give you some context, my favorite Final Fantasy game is 10, which is incredibly decisive. I have played a chunk of 7, a bit of 8, and that’s about it. So you could say I am on the newer side of the series, not the old. Which is why I want to hear what you have to say, for those of you that are new to the franchise or have roots deep into the series- what is your temperature on the upcoming title?

My biggest gripe with the franchise since the introduction of their combat system with FF13, has been that it’s just way too complex. I had the privilege of diving into the first Final Fantasy 15 Demo, Duscae, and while I enjoyed the archetypes of the characters (minus some terrible voice acting) and the beautiful open world environment, the combat was still hit and miss. Overly complex. With the introduction on the platinum demo, they streamlined the switching of weapons, and improved the battle system. Now given, there was only one real battle where you got to test it out, however, what I played I thoroughly enjoyed. 

You know what I think, now let’s hear your thoughts. Give me your opinion of the upcoming game in the comments below.